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The Path of Stone Soup

"The Path of Stone Soup" will entice you with the sights and sounds of an ancient culinary tradition.

Stone Soup originates in the river system surrounding the Mexican village of San Felipe Usila, located in the state of Oaxaca. This "docu-legend" tells the story of a pre-Hispanic recipe that lives on thanks to the value it holds for the Gachupin Velasco family.

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“The community described In "The Path of Stone Soup" is a repository of traditions not only for one people and one region in Mexico — but for all of us. All of us must recommit ourselves to preserving the socio-cultural and physical environments in such places. They are the canary in the mine — alerting us to the need to restore balance in our world.”

Colin Crawford, Executive Director Payson Center for International Development Tulane University Law School

New Orleans, LA

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Want to know more about how you can help support the stone soup project?

El Día Primero: The First of the Month

January 03, 2023

Our ongoing documentary work in the Mexico City barrio of Tepito received a nod of support when an early cut was screened in Paris and featured in the Special Issue 2014 of peer reviewed online scholarly Journal of Video Ethnography (JVE).

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