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We host happenings.

Achieving Dreams Fashion Show / Logrando Sueños Desfile de Moda Garifuna...

The motivation for this event is to present and share a New Orleans based fashion line with a diverse range of communities. Zechor Fashion, owned and operated by Teresa Rochez, is based on the idea of creating unique designs in a wide range of sizes, featuring bright colors and patterns- which for the Garifuna people represent happiness and celebration of their Afro-Indigenous culture.

Stone Soup 4-D Pop up in Mexico City

In collaboration with Mexico City based Primal Studio and cultural representatives from the Chinantec community, we hosted a 4-D food and film event which sold out in a matter of days and was covered by Canal 22.

Garifuna Pop Up

A team of Garifuna chefs and musicians demonstrate how to prepare Hudutu- a traditional coconut seafood soup served with plantains.  A recurring theme is the ability of the Garifuna people to gracefully adapt while  celebrating their unique cultural traditions. Audience members learn more about this transnational community while celebrating its rhythms and flavors with a program composed of film, food and music.

Stone Soup Pop Up

Vaughan's Lounge in New Orleans Bywater neighborhood recently hosted a Stone Soup pop up cooking demo and tasting with Chef César Gachupin de Dios. Contact Banda Ancha Productions if you are interested in sponsoring or hosting a similar pop up event in your community!

Movies and Mezcal

This immersive experience includes rare short documentaries, visual arts and a soundscape that highlights rhythmic parallels between New Orleans and Oaxaca. The event is built around a cooking demonstration and tasting of Stone Soup. The experience includes an educational sampling of mezcal, the traditional regional drink understood to elevate consciousness.

Banda Ancha at PATOIS Human Rights Film Festival

Banda Ancha producer Sarah Borealis curated a series of documentary films from Mexico under the heading "Recognizing Indigenous Rituals in Modern Mexico" at Indywood Theater in New Orleans. The sold-out screening was followed by a pop-up Mezcaleria in the Marigny.

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