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About us

Banda Ancha Productions is an L3C Cultural entity founded in 2010 by Visual Historian Sarah Borealis and Photojournalist Neyda Paredes.


We represent a global network of artists moving information creatively to facilitate cultural interactions.


Our goal is to share knowledge through and audio-visual projects and cultural events designed to benefit the communities and causes with which we are involved. We work to merge experiences and sensibilities through projects with aesthetic and educational value.


Each member of the collective contributes a unique combination of perspective and connections, culminating in a professional network that facilitates the production and distribution of our work.

Sarah Borealis

Sarah Borealis is a visual historian who completed a Ph.D. in Latin American History at Tulane University. She works with the New Orleans Film Society while producing documentaries and cultural events designed to educate and entertain international audiences. Her work has been featured in the Journal of Video Ethnography and National Geographic online.

Neyda Paredes

Neyda Paredes studied photography in Geneva before spending 4 years in Mexico. Her Mexican body of work includes art, fashion, documentary, and social commentary. Paredes recently earned a diploma in history and theory of cinema at the University of Lausanne, and currently produces documentary and cultural mediation projects for the Swiss government.

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